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Kính gửi tất cả các cô bác và ACE .
Có một bài thuốc hay, đơn giản, không tốn kém, nhưng hiệu nghiệm. Một Lương Y miền Nam đã áp dụng bài thuốc (GIA TRUYỀN ) này. Chữa khỏi cho những người có duyên, mà bị covid, và họ đã khỏi (kể cả người có bệnh nền). Xin trân trọng kính gửi tới hết thảy các cô bác và ACE.
Trong cơn đại dịch corona tôi xin man phép trình bầy một phương pháp điều trị và phòng ngừa virus corona rất hiệu quả. Tôi đã dùng phương pháp này điều trị cho một số người và kết quả rất hiệu nghiệm. Lấy 1 cũ tỏi lột sạch vỏ đâm nhiễn (chỉ đập nát, đâm, giã nhuyễn, không dùng cách khác như băm hoặc xay) sau đó để yên 05 phút cho chất ALISIL được tạo ra đầy đủ trong tỏi. Dùng 1 lít nước sôi đổ vào và xông (gọi là xông tỏi). Ta chỉ xông mặt. Có thể đâm tỏi trong tô để tiện xông luôn. Hít thật mạnh bằng mũi và miệng cho hỗn hợp hơi nước và ALISIL vào phổi. Chất ALISIL này có tác dụng diệt virus rất mạnh. Ngoài ra, alisil này còn là chất chống đông máu và làm tan các cục máu đông. Một trong những nguyên nhân gây đông đặc phổi, gây khó thở và tử vong của virus. Phổi sẽ thông thoáng và thở tốt không cần các biện pháp trợ thở. Nếu các bn đã nhiễm bệnh thì 1 ngày xông 3 lần sau bữa ăn. Nhẹ thì 3 ngày. Nặng 5 ngày. Phương Pháp này đặc biệt giúp những người bệnh nền cao vẫn thoát được dịch bệnh. Các dịch chất của tỏi khi được hấp thu qua xông sẽ ức chế và tiêu diệt virus Ngoài ra còn kịch hoạt hệ miễn dịch của cơ thể sản suất tế bào T của hệ miễn dịch. Nếu để phòng lây nhiễm thì chỉ xông 1 lần vào buổi chiều. Đây là phương pháp cổ truyền để điều trị phòng tránh virus corona do tôi thử nghiệm vì đã 30 năm nay chuyên dùng phương pháp này để điều trị cảm cúm và các bệnh viêm nhiễm đường hô hấp. Nhưng giờ đây khi áp dụng vào corona lại vô cùng hiệu quả. Mong các bạn và mọi người ghi lại để dùng cho mình và phố biến cho mọi người để toàn dân vượt qua đại dịch. Trân trọng .


      • Gran Tierra Energy Inc (GTE) Q4 2020 Earnings Call Transcript
      • $GTE Anybody who understands the oil market and listened to this past Thursday’s GTE corporate conference call should be very excited and knows this is the best opportunity to invest in GTE. Millions of people across the US are getting COVID vaccine, states are reopening, warmer weather is coming and oil prices are going through the roof as more folks begin to travel. MAJOR SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY HERE!!!
      • $GTE AS DEMAND FOR OIL INCREASES SO WILL SALES WHICH GTE IS READY TO CAPITALIZE ON! GTE is doing better than budgeted…looking to drill additional well and uses excess cash to bring down debt. Company has very strong reserves!Southwest wells be be on production by mid-march with the rest on production by mid-may! Gary Guidry, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gran Tierra commented “Our key objective during the second half of 2020 was restarting our workover and drilling operations to economically rebuild production to achieve strong 2020 reserves replacement. With our workover and drilling campaigns charging ahead, production growing, and a new lower cost structure in place, we believe we have successfully positioned the Company to thrive in 2021 and beyond. Our 2021 capital budget is a balanced, returns-focused program which prioritizes free cash flow(3) generation and debt reduction.
      • $GTE This is the bigger picture everyone invested in oil need to understand…nobody can stop $100+ barrel, it’s very simple. investment in oil drilling has evaporated, if you don’t understand this then you should not be invested in oil…
      • Dangers of Big Oil Spending Cuts Are Visible in Angola’s Slump


  • $GTE Based on the current market price Gran Tierra is trading at a 24% premium to its after-tax 1P NAV and 140% discount to 2P NAV. On the basis of those numbers, Gran Tierra appears undervalued, particularly with the five-year Brent price used to calculate its respective NAVs almost $10 less per barrel than the current spot price. It is also lower than the forecast 2021 Brent average of $56 per barrel, further indicating that Gran Tierra is attractively valued. Based on Gran Tierra’s forecast 2021 EBITDA and the 2021 outlook for Brent prices the company has an indicative fair value of $1.15 to $1.72 per share, which is upside of 19% to 81% on offer.
    • $GTE The recovery is just beginning. 7 day average COVID cases is now below 70k compared to 255k in the beginning of January. Vaccines show 98-100% effectiveness at preventing deaths. Texas are behind on oil production and demand is going to return. Money still has yet to flow into this sector and we’re sitting at a hefty discount.
    • Normally $GTE should never trade south of 2$/Share. This was price for closing business @30 $/Barel Now we’re heading into the 70$ Zone, it’s another story.
    • $GTE and $GPRK both drill for oil in Colombia and Ecuador. They make money if the price of oil is $20 per barrel or higher. Keep that in mind when buying $GTE
    • $GTE gas prices are high won’t be long and GTE will fly. Solid profits went back years on this One goes up everytime
    • $GTE Guys if you look at the 30min chart, find Jan 25 11:30am @0 .48 and then find feb 23 10:00am @0 .86, look at where they were vs 250 day line, and see the ensuing price moves, you tell me if history repeats, what will happen after ER? Just a thought. Could always be different.
    • $GTE The pandemic provided an almost once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You could have bought pretty much anything and have at least quadrupled your money in the last few months. While some of these opportunities are fizzling out, energy is still on the rise! Demand and supply were severely hindered, and it’s going to take a few years to get supply back online. Demand will recover much faster, which will put a pinch on suppliers and increase prices considerably. The next time you fill up and see those fuel prices, just think about how much more you’ll be making in energy investments if you aren’t well-invested already!
    • $GTE Brent at 65.50$ now .It seems either big boys adding more or someone keeping low down buy this little company at cheaper..Whatever it is I am adding more and more .I know I am not going to regret my buying at these levels in few weeks and months…
    • $GTE
      I would like someone to point out one oil producer who was went down as a result of Q4 Er recently. I haven’t been able to find one. Seems everywhere I look it’s positive regardless of 2020. If they survived they good. GTE is in a whole other league than some others who have debit maturity’s far sooner. Nothing but positives from what I can see.
    • $GTE
      Er, 2021 guidance, tax refund, debit plan for coming 2022 revolver all which we should hear about during conference call. Then opec meeting. Perfect storm is brewing. $1.30, $1.86, $2.20.
    • $GTE
      wouldn’t pay much attention to what the analysts say either. Most have their own interest in mind, not yours.
      Based on finances and EV/Ebitda over next 12 months GTE has a value around $3.86.
    • $GTE people are going to use earnings to rock the boat and shake out the weak regardless of the numbers, but with the world opening up, demand skyrocketing, oil prices strong, and GTE’s efficiency up, capacity strong, debts reduced and numbers looking good, I’d bet that this will be one of the best plays in your portfolio all year long. Gl to all those who are here and welcome to all newcomers. Never mind the noise or any dip that may come, and do buy the bigger dips.
    • $GTE company did capital expenditure last quarter @40 million dollars which was 4 time more than their third quarter .If you take that account with 2 cents earnings.They exceeded expectations for last quarter. We have to give credit to company for their cost saving measures which is huge and structural.Their costs are down ,Oil prices are up ,per day Production of oil is going up. Add to your position this is getting to 2.5$ range in week or two…
    • $GTE EARNINGS LOOKS VERY GOOD!! Oil price is increasing along with demand so GTE investors who buy in now are in for a huge run up in the stock price. Earnings show a company in a very strong position! Follow up web conference will be the icing on the cake as the company will provide additional updates on new developments that will strengthen shareholder value. GTE IS OFF TO A VERY POSITIVE AND STRONG START FOR 2021!
    • $GTE REMINDER: Inflation is a good thing for Energy… ”Energy stocks have the best track-record during periods of rising consumer prices, according to Ned Davis. In seven out of nine cases of high inflation since 1972, the industry outperformed the S&P 500 by a median of 14 percentage points, the study showed.”

  • A rapid rise in Treasury yields deterred investors from risk assets, as the specter of rising borrowing costs for companies and a jump in inflationary pressures mounted. The yield on the benchmark 10-year note jumped to a fresh one-year high of as much as 1.6% on Thursday before cutting some gains.”Driving rates higher has been a combination of higher growth expectations as well as higher inflation expectations. Until recently, market participants have been able to digest the upward drift in long-term rates, but it appears that the next leg up in interest rates is a bigger bite to chew,” Charlie Ripley, senior investment strategist for Allianz Investment Management, told Yahoo Finance in an email. “Looking at where real yields were at, they were simply too low when considering growth expectations, and it’s likely that long-term real yields will continue to drift higher as economic data improves.”
  • The benchmark 10-year Treasury yield surged above 1.6% overnight for the first time in a year, after an auction of $62 billion of 7-year notes was met with weak demand.
  • The benchmark Treasury note jumped above 1.50% on Thursday afternoon after investors showed tepid demand for $62 billion of 7-year notes. The 10-year note yield TMUBMUSD10Y, 1.459% climbed 15 basis points to 1.54%. Bond prices move in the opposite direction of yields. Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at the Bleakley Advisory Group, described the 7-year note auction results as “awful,” after it tailed by 4.2 basis points, the most in the auction’s history. The tail is the gap between the highest yield the Treasury sold in the auction and the yield before the auction began. Analysts have cited the 1.50% level as a key threshold for the bond market that could portend trouble for U.S. equities.

  • Can the stock market completely crash?
    When the stock market crashed in 1929, it didn’t happen on a single day. Instead, the stock market continued to plummet over the course of a few days setting in motion one of the most devastating periods in the history of the United States. The most significant events started on Black Thursday, October 24, 1929.
  • What will happen if stocks crash?
    A market crash essentially means that stock prices across various sectors of the market take a sharp decline. Many investors start selling their shares at the same time, and stock prices fall. … When stock prices fall, your investments lose value.

U.S. Oil Production Fell To 11 Million Bpd In December

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Instructions for DIY Enzymes using JiaoMOM bucket


6 liters water (filtered and purified)
750g    (about 4 cups) organic sugar
(can be white or brown, less if for people with Diabetes, 550g)
1290g (total about 4 lbs) organic fruits (one or multiple)
1 organic apple
1 organic lemon

  1. Pour 6 liter of filtered water into bucket
  2. Out of the 6 liters of water, take about 2 cups out and dissolve all the sugar into the 2 cups of water in a small mixing bowl
  3. Cut up the apple into thin slices, removing the seeds
  4. Peel the lemon skin and cut up the lemon into thin slices, removing the seeds
  5. Cut up the organic fruits into thin slices, removing any seeds. For small fruits like blueberries, cutting is not necessary.
  6. Put ALL the cut fruits into the colander
  7. Place the colander, together with the cut fruits, into the bucket
  8. Pour the dissolved sugar water into the bucket
  9. Everyday for 4-7 days, stir the contents of the bucket with a ladle twice, once in the morning and one at night
  10. If the room temperature is below 68 degree F, then wrap the bucket with towel or use a heating pad to keep the bucket warm
  11. Taste test the liquid for taste preference
  12. When the digestive enzyme liquid is ready, not too sweet nor sour, then it is ready to be bottled into the designated bottles. For people with Diabetes, be sure to wait for the full 7 days before bottling the liquid.
  13. Before bottling, take out the colander together with the fruits fiber, leaving only the digestive enzyme liquid behind for bottling.
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NADAQ index

IDX index

USOIL WTI index, 24/7



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my Notes

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Joe Giampa – Honey-in-the-Hills


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Dell i5 inspirion laptop or Dell i7 inspiron laptop 15.6

Refurb Dell Inspiron 15 Core i5-8250U Quad-Core 1.6GHz 8GB 256GB M.2DVDRW 15.6 F

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Protected: 12cR2 & 11gR2 preinstall – additional setup

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