Sprouting jar – 1/2 gal, 6/case, good price

at Walmart 1/2 gal, 6/case, good price. Sprouting Jar with Stainless Steel Screen.

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1) Place two tablespoons of sprouting seeds or 1/2 cup of legumes/grains in a sprouting jar with three times as much water as seeds. Soak overnight. For many small seeds, five hours of soaking is sufficient.

2) Drain the water from the jar. Rinse seeds in fresh, lukewarm water and drain again. For well drained seeds/spouts, lay jar at an angle in a warm (70ºF), dark place.

3) Rinse and drain seeds twice a day. In hot and dry weather, you may need to rinse the seeds three times a day. In very humid weather, the seeds should be kept in a dry place. Turn jar over gently. Overturning the jar rapidly will cause shifting in the sprouting seeds. This can break the tender shoots and kill the spout. This breakage causes the sprout to spoil. Sprouts should be ready to eat in 3-5 days, depending on the seed used. Put in sunlight during the last day to add chlorophyll.


{Tutorial} DIY Sprouting Jars - canvas | BoulderLocavore.com

Plastic needlework canvas used to create a screened airflow for sprouting jars may be purchased at hobby and craft stores. These colorful sheets cost $0.59 each providing a sprouting jar can be created for less than $2.00/jar. The canvas comes in many colors and sizes as noted by the variations on the left.


{Tutorial} Homemade Sprouting Jars - BoulderLocavore.com

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