SMTV IMPORTANT GUIDELINES for your Scenery BRoll Recording

Subject: SMTV IMPORTANT GUIDELINES for your Scenery BRoll Recording

Dear Noble Saints,


A special request from Master that host/cameraman/contact person please help to record sceneries/videos from your country to use as Brolls, so we would have our own unique footages rather than borrowing footages from the Internet.




Guidelines for broll recording. FYI, those brolls would be uploaded to the new FTP. Each center would upload to their own folder and make an ID. Then visuals will drag the files to the correct folders.


When uploading the brolls to your country folder in the FTP, when connecting to the new FTP, remote saints must select the option – “Use explicit FTP over TLS if available” – at Encryption, when setting up FTP connection. (This is to protect our connection security) If they select “Only use plain FTP”, then they will not be able to connect the new FTP.


GUIDELINES for your Scenery BRoll recording:


Country code  City  Nature Scenery Name  Keywords  @

(the @ sign is for us to know it’s free footage and won’t need to have a “courtesy of”)

You can also mention if it’s drone shot or time lapse as well.


Here are a few examples:

* TW Taipei Drone city buildings streets people @

* PAR Iguazu Falls UNESCO World Heritage Site waterfalls @

* FR Pyrenees National Park Time lapse mountain lake forest @


Only upload the best shots recorded

One shot = one file


Reminder of the upload format

* Only For High Quality BRoll

i.  NTSC format

ii. 1920 x 1080p HD

iii. 59.94 frames per second preferred (60P), or 29.97 frames per second (30P)

iv. Encoding using H264 codec** (mp4 video file)

v.  Video bitrate: at least Constant Bit Rate of 10000 but no more than 15000.

    (Do not use VBR/Variable Bit Rate)

vi. Audio can be encoded as MPEG, minimum 192 kbps


FTP Host: smftp.SupremeMasterTV. com

FTP Port: 21

It is the new FTP and each center has their own username and password

if you don’t have, please ask visuals@suprememastertv. com


Please try to upload within the next few days. Thank you so much for your assistance!


With God’s Love,

SMTV Host Team

With God’s Love & Blessings
Host/ VO Team

1. GUIDELINES of Scenery BRoll recording-footage FTP 20171129

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