simh – openvms vax.ini

; Load CPU microcode
load -r /usr/local/vax/data/ka655.bin
; Attach non-volatile RAM to a file
attach nvr /usr/local/vax/data/nvram.bin
; This virtual machine has 64M memory
set cpu 64m
; Define disk drive types. RA92 is largest-supported VAX drive.
set rq0 ra92
set rq1 ra92
set rq2 ra92
set rq3 cdrom
; Attach defined drives to local files
attach rq0 /usr/local/vax/data/d0.dsk
attach rq1 /usr/local/vax/data/d1.dsk
attach rq2 /usr/local/vax/data/d2.dsk
; Attach the CD-ROM to its file (read-only)
attach -r rq3 /usr/local/vax/data/cd.iso
; Disable unused devices. It’s also possible to disable individual devices,
; using a construction like “set rq2 disable” if desired.
set rl disable
set ts disable
; Attach Ethernet to a network interface
set xq mac=08-00-2B-AA-BB-CC
attach xq eth0
; Now start the emulator
boot cpu

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