Record youtube streaming

Need Roku(Ultra is the best for 2017)
HDMI splitter 1:2
HDML cloner or Avermedia (NTFS records large file, FAT max 2GB)

  • HDML cloner has audio out, pc output, nice schedule. USB has some issue. Power has to be pressed on the box.

    As a household that has several TV’s and a couple of Android boxes, we can tell you that they are superior to almost any other box or stick out there on the market. Whereas other name brand products will have limitations on what kinds of videos they can play, this Dolamee D3 box runs pure Android so there is full access to all of the apps on the Google Play store. This model also has an upgraded 2GB of RAM which definitely comes in handy when you have multiple apps open.

    A lot of our videos are stored on a central NAS and this box is able to connect to it and play back every single video we have on there, ranging from different encoding formats like mp3 and mkv, with no issues at all. And since we have the box hard wired to our router, even things like fast forwarding through 4K videos works with minimal lag (something we were not able to do with some other sticks we have tried in the past). Another plus is that it has two USB ports to plug in an external USB drive, or even a wireless keyboard/mouse which makes web browsing a lot easier. Also included in the package is an HDMI cable, power adapter, and remote control so everything is there to get it up and running (installation is straight forward and takes less than 5 minutes).

    Overall, we are very pleased with this box as the 2GB of memory makes it open and switch between apps buttery smooth.

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