MMS is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite — ??

3. MMS is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite — ??

MMS is the process of taking 28% sodium chlorite, mixing with food acid(citric acid). It becomes Chlorine dioxide, adding 4 oz of water, it dilutes at .0016%

-FDA: sodium chlorite is not a toxic chemical, because it is allowed to use in food. A search for the Code of Federal Register (21 C.F.R. 173.325) and you can see that the FDA  approves sodium chlorite for food.

That is true, but they mislead us into thinking that this 28% solution is a toxic chemical known to cause fatal renal failure. That is not so, as explained above. There has been no fatal renal failure or any other kind of renal failure from sodium chlorite — period. Also, a dose of MMS is never 28%. It is 0.016% — 1,750 times less potent than they would have you think. Please see Protocol 1,000 at, where I tell people how to take MMS. The FDA has also tried to fool people into believing this lie – that MMS is taken in 28% doses. When food acid is mixed with drops of MMS, the sodium chlorite is destroyed. Thus:  Nobody taking MMS is ingesting sodium chlorite. They are taking chlorine dioxide. Wikipedia writers are trying to confuse you with the idea that an MMS dose is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite — but it is a 0.016% solution of chlorine dioxide. They try to mislead you further by stating that being a 28% sodium chlorite solution, MMS is dangerous and can cause all kinds of terrible damage. We learned in freshman high school chemistry that “any chemical in the world is poisonous in large amounts”. An MMS dose is 1,750 times less chlorine dioxide than they want to confuse you into believing. They want you to believe that MMS is 28% when ingested but it is actually 0.016%. Every cancer patient they can scare into not taking MMS means $800,000 more for the cancer industry. To learn more about MMS 0.016% strength doses, please see my MMS protocols at Second and Third Sentences When prepared with a citric acid solution as described in its instructions for preparation, the mixture produces 36 Critics of MMS and Jim Humble chlorine dioxide, a potent oxidizing agent used in water treatment and in bleaching. [7] The name was first coined by author, Jim Humble, in his 2006 self-published book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. There are several misleading ideas in these two sentences. The Wikipedia writers here write first about the MMS instructions for preparation of a dose. Then they mention that chlorine dioxide is used in water treatment and in bleaching. This is where they confuse the public and most people reading their article.  They fail to mention that the bleach is more than 1,750 times more powerful than a dose of MMS, and in many cases more than 1,000,000 times more powerful (i.e., more chlorine dioxide in solution). Again, please see for the MMS preparation instructions. A drop of MMS contains 6 mg of chlorine dioxide. Protocol 1000 is 3 drops an hour in half a glass of water. That is a 0.016% solution and not harmful in any way to the human body. Thousands of people have put it in their eyes several times a day to relieve pink eye (just one example). It is effective for most other eye diseases as well. Do you begin to see the deception? These psychopaths care not for mankind or even for themselves or their own relatives. Their lies and deception reduce daily the chances of people being healed of fatal diseases. There is no doubt in my mind that their salary is coming from the medical drug companies, even though it might not be directly from them. These psychopaths are like Judas, selling their souls for a few pieces of silver. But in following the money, remember this: for every cancer patient they scare away from MMS, they reap $800,000 more for the cancer industry. And if they can stop MMS from being used in Africa, they will pull in millions of dollars more for malaria drug sales.

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