Instructions for DIY Enzymes using JiaoMOM bucket


6 liters water (filtered and purified)
750g    (about 4 cups) organic sugar
(can be white or brown, less if for people with Diabetes, 550g)
1290g (total about 4 lbs) organic fruits (one or multiple)
1 organic apple
1 organic lemon

  1. Pour 6 liter of filtered water into bucket
  2. Out of the 6 liters of water, take about 2 cups out and dissolve all the sugar into the 2 cups of water in a small mixing bowl
  3. Cut up the apple into thin slices, removing the seeds
  4. Peel the lemon skin and cut up the lemon into thin slices, removing the seeds
  5. Cut up the organic fruits into thin slices, removing any seeds. For small fruits like blueberries, cutting is not necessary.
  6. Put ALL the cut fruits into the colander
  7. Place the colander, together with the cut fruits, into the bucket
  8. Pour the dissolved sugar water into the bucket
  9. Everyday for 4-7 days, stir the contents of the bucket with a ladle twice, once in the morning and one at night
  10. If the room temperature is below 68 degree F, then wrap the bucket with towel or use a heating pad to keep the bucket warm
  11. Taste test the liquid for taste preference
  12. When the digestive enzyme liquid is ready, not too sweet nor sour, then it is ready to be bottled into the designated bottles. For people with Diabetes, be sure to wait for the full 7 days before bottling the liquid.
  13. Before bottling, take out the colander together with the fruits fiber, leaving only the digestive enzyme liquid behind for bottling.
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