Bancha tea and how to make it

Being a Bancha tea, it has low caffeine content due to the roasting process and the type of leaves that are used. So you can drink it any time you wish, even at night and cherish the tranquility and peace it offers you.

Bancha Tea

Bancha tea leaves can be roasted and blended to make up two very surprising subtypes of tea that are so amazing on their own that they have managed to increase the reputation of Bancha itself.

These Bancha subtypes are Hojicha and Genmaicha, two beverages that combine the powerful green tea antioxidants with unique flavors.

Let’s have a look at these Japanese green teas and find out what makes them so interesting.

Genmaicha is Bancha plus roasted brown rice



Water temperature: 90ºC – 100ºC (194ºF – 212ºF)
Quantity: 1heaping tsp/cup (250ml)
Steeping Time: 2-3minutes
Rebrew allowed: Yes
Milk: No
Sweetener: No
Best paired with: sushi and other Japanese dishes, sweet deserts


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