Following are the more details about the ads on Newspapers:
  1.  Báo Trẻ: Weekly, 1 black/white full page, $90, Orlando and major cities in Florida,, 4000-5000 copies. Contact: Vivian 407-948-2012
  2. Sai Gòn Nhỏ, bi-monthly, 1 black/white full page, $100. Orlando/Tampa bay areas, 4000-5000 copies. Contact: Mr Hiệp 407-619-4437
  3. Gia Đình,  monthly, Contact Lâm,, 407-973-4899, 1 black/white full page, $80. Orlando and other cities
You can contact or I can help for take care of the ads in Orlando so you can help other cities.
I also tried to contact the Cộng Đồng Việt Nam in Orlando for more into how to spread the event.
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